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Social Media Mastery

We're a unique team of people with different professional backgrounds.

Together we bring different skills and views to our projects.

Our team works with organisations and individuals helping them to approach their digital marketing in a strategic and measurable manner.

We are bound by our passion for professional communications and innovative business practices to deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients.

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Lisa Harrison



Lisa is passionate about putting the social back into social media through education and consulting.



Louise Gleeson

Communications Manager


Lou develops and manages professional content for a range of applications and platforms.


Nicola Cook

Communications Coordinator


Nicola ​is excited to be able to help clients reach their full potential through ​social media.


Lindsay Kasprowicz

Strategic Digital Marketer


Lindsay's strong creative intuition enables her to produce engaging and emotive content for brands.


Ronald Colijn



Ronald's true passion is all things web, social media, educating and marketing.

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